Cruel Ebony Domme & Her Sissy Spit Slave

Tuesday, August 24, 2010



Cruel Ebony Domme & Her Sissy Spit Slave

Stars: Mistress Lisa

Mistress Lisa’s houseboy Jean Paul arrives at her house to do some chores, but the cruel dominatrix becomes bored with Jean paul and decides to transform him into a girl, and names her Paulette. Mistress Lisa puts heavy makeup, wig, heels, and apron on her new sissy and orders her to do her chores. Meanwhile, Mistress Lisa amuses herself by kicking, whipping, and spitting on the unfortunate sissy just for the sheer sadistic fun of it! Since her sissy slave is a bitch now Mistress Lisa trains her how to be bitch slapped until the obedient sissy holds her face perfectly still as she is slapped repeatedly, each blow knocking the transformed slave’s head back and forth. Mistress Lisa takes her slave’s training to the next level by having the sissy suck her strap-on while Mistress Lisa spits all over the dildo and onto Paulette’s face.



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Duration : 01:01:58

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