Smother Me

Thursday, June 16, 2011



Smother Me

Stars: Michelle, Candy Ass, Candice, Ola, Baby Blue, Uncle D, Mr. Assterdam, Dutchess MaJella, Mounds of Madeline, Sitting Pretty Nikki

Smother Me is more than a face sitting video. It’ a lesson in breath control as 7 different bubble butt models use my face as a seat cushion. Over 2 hours of footage of big round butts wearing skintight booty outfits that you’ve come to expect from your favorite Uncle D’s line of videos. Smother Me is a must have for the true ass fan.

Smother Me begins in the buns filled city of Amsterdam with the verbally challenged Majella sitting her 6 foot blonde Dutch frame on my face. She managed to squeeze her Amazonian ass into a pair of shiny purple spandex type disco pants, and even though her English was limited, understanding the act of face sitting is a universal language. And that’s just what she did. Both with the purple spandex pants as well as slipping them down to reveal a well hidden thong which I could have used as floss when my face was pushed deep between her large European cheeks.

Madeline arrives for an Uncle D style interview to see if she has what it takes to be an Uncle D Girl and as you’ll see, she has enough ass for 3 girls. When I first spoke with her on the phone she said I’ve never seen a hip to ass ratio like hers which she has a 24′ waist and 40′ hips. I’m surprised she managed to fit into the skintight, pocket-less, red stretchy pants to do a few doggy style and TouchYourToes poses.

Her 40-inch hips slips into denim & a cowgirl hat to use my face as a place to practice her rodeo riding. Her butt crushing face sitting worked this ‘no BS bull’ into a frenzy of DNA on her blue jeans ass.

Candice arrives with her ass in tow, as she likes to bend down low and demonstrate how her new braces have not disrupted her ‘orally gifted skills’. All while wearing purple spandex which barely manages to fit over her full figured big butt.

The bigger the butt, the easier the target when playing a game of drop your DNA. And yes, spandex does shine when it gets ‘wet’.

Ola has that cute ‘girl next door’ look resembling a passive nerd librarian gone bad. All preconceptions are gone as soon as she demonstrates her bend over skills doggy style wearing skintight jeans with no back pockets. I had her sit on my face full weight while I leaned my head back onto the seating area of an ‘air-filled chair’. Since she was rather light, I literally was lifting her off my face and letting her fall ass first from a foot above my face. She also briefly demonstrates her oral skills and I demonstrate a DNA trick from the TV show CSI on the seat of her denim-covered ass.

Nikki uses my face as a seat cushion to rest the full weight of her denim covered ‘hippy’ ass on my face. All while struggling to put on her knee high black leather-riding boots. This is an amazing scene if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have your face beneath a woman’s big ass while she takes her time putting on her shoes or boots. My face must have sunk halfway up her ass.

For the climatic ending of the Smother Me video, the fun filled French feline Michelle’ squeezed her big boned butt into a pair of much too small pants. All this with a whimsical smile – from both ends. Michelle demonstrates her language of love while squishing both my ‘heads’ with her well-fed booty while sitting on a stool. French may be known as the language of love, but after this climatic ending, Michelle’s oral talents were definitely bilingual.



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