The Mighty Karla Nelson

Friday, June 22, 2012


The Mighty Karla Nelson

Stars: Karla Nelson

We’re not much for giving advice, but we feel pretty comfortable passing this gem along to you: If you absolutely have to fight a woman, make sure it isn’t Karla Nelson. You see, Karla has this, what, seriously powerful body? Sure, she’s all woman, but we’re almost positive you won’t find many like her. That said, this poor moron really could have used our free advice.

He apparently thought having a go with Karla was something he’d be able to manage. This poor sap only manages to get his ass beaten – on film for the world to see – by a tough, talented fighter. Think we’re kidding? Try again.

With panoply wrestling skills, and what looks like a little background in Judo, Karla dismantles this guy. From headlocks and scissors, to brutal pins, stepping on his throat and crushing slams, she spends some time doling out hard physical abuse. You absolutely have to see the professional quality, submission style arm bar she applies on him. It’s an all around beat down and you’re in the front row.

Get your popcorn ready, because the action is fast and you won’t get a break until she’s done breaking this poor shmuck.


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