POV Cuckold Volume 13

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


POV Cuckold Volume 13

Stars: Mason Moore, Lover Johnny
Released: 2011

Heaven help you, for your wife is Mason Moore. The beautiful, big boobed brunette is a SQUIRTING, DEEP THROATING, sex-demon. But your pathetic little dick hasn’t been satisfying her. Yes, she’s been faking all her orgasms and your limp little weenie is to blame.

She gives you a passionate BLOWJOB until you submit to her demand that she go out and fuck other guys. Guys with at least 10 inches of cock! When you finally agree, she SLAPS YOUR DICK brutally hard to remind you what a joke it is.

She sits her heavy, luscious ass on your face and orders you to warm up her pussy for the bigger cock that she needs. Then she locks you shriveled manhood into a CHASTITY DEVICE and brings her new lover into your bed.

Mason screams in ecstasy. Her massive melons bounce wildly as she gets pounded in multiple positions. She tells you she loves her lover more than you as his huge cock tears her up. They both laugh at you, and say how he’s going to get her pregnant and you’ll end up taking care of their babies.

He cums deep inside her and then Mason cums, SQUIRTING stream after stream like a broken fire hydrant. It’s the wettest, most explosive girl orgasm we’ve ever seen!

She makes you eat the CREAMPIE from her pussy. Days later, she comes home from another date and again feeds you another man’s nasty semen from her dripping hole.

Finally she unleashes your abused penis from its plastic and metal prison and makes you fuck her stretched out pussy. You feel the gooey ejaculate of multiple other men squish around your throbbing dick as you fuck your beautiful wife.

Unfortunately, your penis is too tiny. Not only can she hardly feel it, it keeps SLIPPING OUT as she rides you. She berates you for being utterly worthless as you struggle and fail to perform like a man.

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